Joystick Trade-in


Send in your old joystick to convert it to an eL sticK! Read the description below carefully.

Limit 1 per customer

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This is a service where you will send in your N64 joystick module so I can convert to an eL sticK. This product listing allows me to keep track of who sends in a joystick. This service will be only done in batches so I am not overloaded with joystick conversions. I will only be doing this service for people in the United States.

After ordering this product, you MUST include the invoice/packing slip with the joystick you are sending to me so I can keep track of your parts. If you do not do this you will not receive anything back. Make sure you include all the parts required shown in the picture. Do NOT send me a whole controller or extra joystick modules as you will only get 1 joystick in return. Any other parts will be considered a donation. You will be responsible for packaging and shipping your own parts and I am not responsible for receiving any damaged parts. Upon receiving the parts, expect around a 2-3 week lead time for the conversion to be done. Once done you will receive an email to complete an order for the eL sticK for $120. This service is limited to 1 per customer.

Shipping Info:
17192 Murphy Ave #17073
Irvine, CA 92623